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"Pretty Hair is always the best accessory!"

- OURO Products - 

OURO® is a company of Mexican origin that brings together more than 12 years of experience in the cosmetic industry through the development and commercialization of a growing range of silks and hair treatments, for professional use, which merge the benefits of carefully selected natural extracts.


The characteristics and benefits provided by each of the OURO® Products fully satisfy the needs of any type of hair, directly competing with the most recognized brands for their export quality.


Since its creation, OURO® has worked to offer its customers the best advantages for the marketing and distribution of its products, through large and attractive alliances, as well as through participation in the main Industry Fairs in Mexico and the United States , together with the support of a powerful network of agents with a presence in both countries that guarantee efficiency and speed in the restocking of inventories.


This is how the OURO® Products line has positioned itself as the leading brand in the Beauty professional products segment, the ideal and 100% profitable business option, with a presence throughout the Mexican Republic also entering the North American market with great Success at highly competitive prices.

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